2016 Hunting Art Prize Charity

Each year, Hunting PLC proudly supports a single well-deserving, Texas-based charity through a donation made on behalf of the Hunting Art Prize. The gift includes a direct donation as well as a contribution from Hunting that matches the dollars generated from finalists who sell their art at the annual Hunting Art Prize gala.

In keeping with tradition, the international oil services company has selected Patriot PAWS Service Dogs as its 2016 charity. The nonprofit organization is dedicated to inspiring and restoring the physical and emotional independence of disabled American veterans and others with mobile disabilities by providing service dogs at no cost.

It operates through an ongoing partnership with the Texas Department of Criminal Justice program designed to help inmates learn a career trade while giving back to the community. Through the innovative prison program, qualified dogs are taught to perform basic services. Depending on the needs of each owner, service dogs then complete customized training, where they learn to perform a variety of functions, from pulling wheelchairs and opening and closing doors to picking up and retrieving items and supporting patients with post-traumatic stress disorder.

Patriot PAWS will be presented with its donation at a separate event following the 2016 Hunting Art Prize gala. Since 2006, when the competition moved to Houston after a quarter-century in the United Kingdom, Hunting has contributed more than $1.2 million to underserved nonprofits in Texas.

For more information about Patriot PAWS, visit http://patriotpaws.org/.